What we do for our Customers


Skip the interviewing and get to work. We've already done code reviews and reference checks. We vet our talent not only for their technical expertise, but also for their stellar expectation-setting and communication skills.

In a rush? We'll get people on your job ASAP.

Big project? We can offer teams of talent, from developers to designers, with a seasoned project manager to serve as your single point of contact.

We're with you every step of the way to ensure that your needs are met.

What we do for our Talent


Deal structuring (Fee vs. Equity vs. Hybrid)
Contract terms (we'll bring in lawyers if necessary)
Payment structure and schedule
Access to 10x's fast-growing body of knowledge about deals across the industry


Long-term strategy and execution. We help you identify and achieve your professional and personal goals.
Advice and referrals for insurance, tax, and other operations services.
Access to our growing community of best-of-the-best tech professionals.
No more "freelance feast-or-famine." Each person we represent brings his/her own deal flow to the 10x community, so your famine is alleviated by someone else's feast (and vice versa).
Help evaluating and expanding your opportunity base, with your long-term goals in mind.


Scheduling work
Setting goals and benchmarks
Setting customer expectations
Re-negotiating after changes in project scope
Invoicing and collections

The 10x Story


The concept of 10x Management emerged from the unlikely connection of a freelance web developer to two long-time music managers.

Altay Guvench is a seasoned Ruby and Javascript programmer, Harvard graduate, and two-time alum of Y Combinator. Michael Solomon and Rishon Blumberg bring a combined 36 years of talent management experience as the founders of Brick Wall Management. John Mayer, Citizen Cope, Marc Broussard, William Fitzsimmons, Vanessa Carlton, and the Cherry Poppin' Daddies are just some of the successful musicians, producers, and filmmakers Brick Wall has represented.

The 10x partners were introduced by singer/songwriter Noam Weinstein. Noam is an old friend and bandmate of Altay's, and volunteers for Musicians On Call, a non-profit that Michael co-founded.

Altay explains, "Michael and Rishon suspected that their business model could apply to my industry, and I thought they might be right. I was freelancing at the time, so I became the guinea pig: they took over all my negotiations and contracts, while I focused solely on code."

"Overnight, I stopped worrying about the uncomfortable conversations and mountain of paperwork that I had assumed were necessary evils of a freelance lifestyle. Plus, career advice, support, and mentorship were always a phone call away. It was great, and as my friends started asking me how they could get in on this, I told Michael and Rishon that I didn't want to be their client any more. I wanted to be their partner."

And, thus, 10x Management was born.

For Michael and Rishon, applying their entertainment industry experience to tech professionals was a natural progression.

"Our roles at 10x closely resemble the service we provide within the entertainment world: we strategize the big-picture goals and oversee the many day-to-day details necessary to reach them," says Michael. "We're excited to help tech professionals shape and grow their careers, as we have with artists for the past 18 years."

Rishon adds, "Our criteria for signing new clients is central to the 10x philosophy. We set a high bar, and screen not just for technical prowess, but also for product development expertise and stellar communication skills. The companies that hire our clients have come to trust our standards and our reputation for representing the smartest, quickest, and most innovative minds in technology."

10x Management now represents dozens of freelance professionals working in all aspects of the tech industry: from web and mobile development across multiple platforms, to UX and visual design, to more specialized skills like SEO and SEM, data science and visualization, and even bioinformatics. For larger projects, 10x's expert project managers can guide a project from idea to launch, bringing in other members of the 10x community as needed.

Altay's deep understanding of technology, the startup community, and all things digital blends perfectly with Michael and Rishon's three decades of career management experience. This partnership puts 10x Management at the forefront of a new kind of business -- one that marries a tried-and-true management model with a cutting-edge field -- and will undoubtedly build and sustain many successful technology careers while simultaneously raising the standard of innovation in organizations around the world.

10x's capabilities

Software Engineering
Hardware Engineering
Project Management

This list is not comprehensive. Contact us if you don't see your need listed here. We can probably still help.

  • .NET
  • 3D Modeling
  • 802.11 Protocol
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
  • Android
  • Animation
  • Art Direction
  • Backbone.js
  • Bioinformatics
  • Book Authoring
  • Branding
  • C
  • C#
  • C++
  • CAD
  • Character Design
  • CHEF
  • Chukwa
  • Concept Art
  • Content Marketing
  • Corporate Presentations
  • CSS
  • D3.js
  • Database Optimization
  • Data Science
  • Data Visualization
  • Devops
  • Django
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Embedded Development
  • Ember.js
  • Facebook API
  • Flume
  • Front-end Markup (HTML, CSS)
  • Game Design
  • GIS
  • GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language)
  • Google App Engine
  • Google Glass SDK
  • Google Maps API
  • Hadapt
  • Hadoop
  • Hardware Design
  • HBase
  • Hive
  • HTML
  • Illustration
  • Illustrator
  • InfiniDB
  • iOS
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • LAMP
  • Linux
  • Logo Design
  • Lua
  • Machine Learning
  • Mahout
  • Microcontroller Programming
  • Mobile Design
  • Mobile Web
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • Network Science
  • Networking
  • Node.js
  • Objective-C
  • OpenGL
  • Packaging Design
  • Perl
  • Photography
  • Photoshop
  • PHP
  • Pig
  • PostGIS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Print Design
  • Process Engineering
  • Processing
  • Product Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Puppet / Chef
  • Python
  • R
  • Rails
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Redis
  • Ruby
  • Security
  • Shopify Customization
  • Sound Design and Composition
  • Sqoop
  • Stop-Motion Animation
  • Sysadmin
  • Teaching and Training
  • Technical Writing
  • Titanium
  • Tornado
  • Twitter API
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Unity3D
  • Usability Testing
  • User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI) Design
  • Video Production
  • Visual Design
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Wordpress Customization
  • YUI


San Francisco

301 Marina Blvd.

San Francisco, CA 94123

New York

39 W. 32nd St., Suite 1403

New York, NY 10001

(212) 501-0748


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