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10x minimizes risk & maximizes benefit. We save you the cost of finding and screening potential freelancers—and the risk of not getting the job done right the first time. The technology professionals we represent are chosen from thousands and thoroughly vetted for their creativity, productivity, and professionalism. Contact us to find out how we can make your project a success.

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10x Cofounders Rishon Blumberg & Michael Solomon (Photo: Roderick Aichinger)

A couple of European print magazines recently covered 10x (Wired Italia & Germany’s Bilanz), continuing the media’s fascination with 10x’s role in pioneering the future of technology work.

Programmer and artist, Max Nanis helps companies build beautiful technology. (photo by Tim Hardy)

10x discovers the most innovative tech talent in the world, and our programmer Max Nanis is a perfect example of the dynamism that defines a true “10xer”. Nanis is a programmer at San Diego’s Scripps Research Institute and an accomplished artist on display at the Smithsonian Institution. His visionary work combines science, art and computer skills, and his unusual education is what … Continued

Ira Arca, by Shawn Feeney

The freelance tech pros managed by 10x are selected for exceptional creative talent. Many are also accomplished artists and media designer Shawn Feeney is a brilliant example. His latest accolade is his selection for Artist in Residence at San Francisco’s de Young Museum, with his work, Musical Anatomy.

10 Ways to Reignite Your Creative Fire

Even the most productive designers, programmers, and digital strategists encounter creative blocks at times. I asked some of the top independent tech professionals represented by 10x Management to share how they maintain peak productivity in the face of these obstacles.

10x cofounder, Altay Guvench at SXSW Interactive 2015

Recently featured in the BBC News and The New Yorker Magazine, 10x Management is recognized as a pioneer in solving the rising need for highly skilled technology professionals. Last week, 10x cofounder Altay Guvench presented his insights on “The Tech Talent Shortage” at the SXSW conference. Listen to the recording of his presentation, below.

James Cropcho, one of 10x's rockstar programmers.

James Cropcho is a highly sought-after “10x-level” programmer who was highlighted in the BBC News’ recent feature on 10x Management. In 2007, Cropcho was a member of the two-person team which uncovered the first wide-scale e-voting breach in American history, and was featured on National Public Radio. 

Reggie Watts explains "praytheons".

Master of campy cultural commentary, wtf’ing artist-comedian Reggie Watts has created a perplexing futurist-inspired video tour of Brazil’s capital, “extolling earnest advice about the culture, practices, and habits of the Brasilienese people.” along with his cohost, actress Carolina Ravassa.

Designing for special needs  can create "design empathy".

Design strongly influences how people experience and use technology. But can designing products for people with special needs, such as those with autism, help us design better products for all? The radically different sensitivities of autistic people can help designers understand the nuances and diversity of human experience, and help them to build more more accessible, safe, intuitive and enjoyable products.

Nintendo Bug: Julie Alice Chappell creates winged insects from decomposed computers.

From the base components that compose our Earth arose the living things – bacteria, plants, insects, animals and all. But what lifeforms emerge from of a planet whose materials have been transformed by technology?

Can machines create music that can pass the Lovelace test?

We’re fascinated by the question, “What is creativity?” As creativity is considered the defining quality of human intelligence, discussions of the possibility of truly artificial intelligence inevitably deal with the the issue of whether machines can be programmed (predefined) to be creative (undefined).

Dave Eagleman presents the "sensory vest".

Incredible research is showing the brain to be surprisingly “plug and play”, as it can adapt rapidly and effortlessly to be able to understand sensory input from non-biological devices, including vibrating vests and electronic implants. Not only will such technology help people who are blind or deaf, but it promises to add entirely new dimensions of awareness about the world and … Continued

Brady Forrest runs Pch International's Highway1 hardware incubator.

Hardware is making a comeback with the rise of The Internet of Things. China-based manufacturing giant, Pch International, is betting big on the resurgence with its Highway1 hardware incubator program, currently being filmed for the SyFy Channel’s Bazillion Dollar Club reality show. Highway1’s dynamic VP, Brady Forrest was recently interviewed about the exciting hardware explosion.

"What is life?" Watch the short video by Kurz Gesagt, below.

Artificially intelligent and autonomous machines may soon be among us, behaving with life-like intentions and consequences. Our creation of such entities calls into question our beliefs and attitude about what constitutes Life, rights and responsibilities. This compelling video takes a microscope to discover the line between life, death and machine.

Jon Gosier questions the blind championing of technology that leaves some people behind.

While radical advances in technology are commonplace in the news, their accessibility to everyone obviously is not. But what are the potential political, social and cultural consequences of life- and game-changing tools that are only available to some? Can lack of technological equipment or participation cause people to become invisible and immaterial?

What will biohacking do to humanity?

Humans have always been preoccupied with enhancing their performance. “Biohacking” is the use of technology to alter and improve a body’s structure or function. Proponents believe advances in this young and fast-evolving field will radically improve how we live – and what we are. But what are the risks to society? Will anti-biohackers be the anti-vaxxers of the future? Where does Self reside when all parts can … Continued

Don't worry, work happy.

While the traditional belief is that Success leads to Happiness, science is proving the opposite: happier workers are more insightful, motivated, productive and successful than when stressed. In the fast-paced competition of the tech industry, it’s vital for company founders to take happiness seriously and structure their culture and operations to maximize employees’ positivity.

Bill Murray in the movie Lost in Translation

The “10x-level” professionals we serve consistently state that being free to live and work as they choose is the most important factor determining their exceptional productivity. We were gratified to hear this belief echoed in an interview with Bill Murray, whose Zen-like disposition and carefree curiosity has made him an endlessly inspiring pop icon.

10x's cofounder Altay Guvench will be speaking at this Friday's Startup and Tech Mixer in SF.

Back from his recent talk at SXSW Interactive, 10x cofounder Altay Guvench will participate in a panel on “Channeling Failure and Shame to Thrive as an Entrepreneur and Leader” at this Friday’s lively Startup & Tech Mixer, at the W Hotel in San Francisco, where over 5,000 guests will be in attendance.