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10x is a talent agency representing the world's best independent technology consultants. 10x'ers are top-class specialists selected from thousands of applicants, and are rigorously vetted for their exceptional technical, creative, and interpersonal skills.

Their expertise covers the breadth of company formation and growth: from vision refinement and customer development; to product development, project management, and engineering (across all web and mobile platforms); to data science, machine learning, and devops; to design, UX, branding, and communications.

Managed by a team with close to 40 years of combined experience in optimizing creative professionals, 10x's deep roster of talent can deliver the most efficient and reliable solution for your technology project. 10x’ers are more than mere consultants or hired hands, they are visionary partners – instant assets to any organization.

Our mission is to be the best end-to-end option for creating industry-leading technology.

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The 10x Blog | A Look Into the Bright Side of Tomorrow

Creativity is a natural potential in humans, but needs to be courageously and intelligently applied to be a force of nature capable of moving anything from minds to mountains. Forbes list of 13 Recommended Readings by Creative Leaders for this Fall offers a stack of insight on changing the world through visionary work and leadership. via Forbes

Startup founders who achieve lucrative exits without sharing the wealth with employees are common targets for criticism these days. But not all of them have followed the trend, as Alyson Shontell explores in How 3 Startup CEOs Gave Up Fortunes To Turn Half Their Employees Into Millionaires. via Business Insider

Providing a more natural way for us to interact with information isn’t the only benefit from developing human-like artificial intelligences: they can also be positive role models of social interaction. In her New York Times article, To Siri, With Love, Judith Newman recounts with eerie wonder how Siri’s polite manner and superhuman patience help to bring her autistic son […]

10x’s pioneering role in the tech industry was covered in technology journalist Eilene Zimmerman’s latest article in the New York Times’ today: Representing Programmers as if They Were Celebrities. We’re excited to be recognized and are making great progress in expanding our offering to include all types of technologists this year.

Research has revealed that 94% of consumers prefer to do business with companies that give back in some way, but only 16% believe that businesses have actually made a positive social impact.  Moreover, over half of all consumers (55%) have switched brands in favor of ones that they believed to be more socially responsible. The […]

In 1939, at the height of her career, Shirley Temple lost the lead in The Wizard of Oz to Judy Garland because her employer, Twentieth Century-Fox, refused to loan her to MGM. She found herself in this unfortunate situation because, in the early days of Hollywood, actors signed a contract with one single studio, and […]


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