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We minimize risk & maximize benefit. We save you the costly process of finding, interviewing, verifying, and optimizing freelancers — and the risk of not getting the job done right the first time. Chosen from thousands and thoroughly vetted for exceptional productivity and professionalism, 10x’ers deliver robust results, on time.

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London-based DeepMind Technologies, a startup acquired by Google in 2014, has conducted a research project whereby computers running general AI software were exposed to Atari 2600 games and told to play them without any instruction. The results were impressive. The research marks another step towards the coming AI revolution. In Google Invents an AI System That Plays Video Games […]

Recognizing and interpreting art is a hot topic in artificial intelligence research, and of special importance to the detection of falsified artworks. A researcher at Lawrence has created a set of computer algorithms that can differentiate between Jackson Pollock’s chaotic paintings and those produced by other artists imitating his style. To untrained eyes, the paintings of Jackson Pollock’s […]

Creativity is a natural mental function. At its best, it’s the most valuable asset to any organization whose competitive success relies upon innovation. And though society tends to view insightfulness as a natural talent, it is a cognitive skill that can be increased with practice and atrophied by neglect.  “Genius is defined by creativity.” writes Dr. William Klemm, Senior Professor of Neuroscience at Texas A&M […]

As computers become more intelligent and autonomous, how will the field of Design evolve? Meta design is the growing field of programming computer algorithms to create desired artifacts, such as a song or an image, or even entire design systems and styles.  On Meta Design and Algorithmic Design Systems gives a great overview of the emerging field: […]

Humans are wired to want to watch others: people-watching and learning-by-watching are basic instincts. But while using computers has previously been seen mainly as a personally-oriented, solitary activity, the phenomenon of people watching others use computers is exploding. Last August, Amazon paid almost $1 billion to purchase Twitch, the website that lets 55 million people watch video streams of other people playing video […]

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to build a company around inventive technology. Beyond getting funding, great ideas need to be carefully fostered to succeed in the hyper-competitive marketplace. Fortunately, Silicon Valley culture has a healthy side of sharing stories of startup failures. In 101 Startup Failure Post-Mortems, CB Insights has collected (and periodically […]

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