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Hirepalooza, June 1-2 in San Francisco

10x is increasingly recognized as a leader in tech innovation and the future of work – both by the press and industry event organizers. This year, three 10xers have been invited to speak at the upcoming Hirepalooza conference: “the definitive San Francisco hiring festival, recruitment conference, and hiring mixer for tech companies interested in recruiting top talent”.

2015 Bloomberg Technology Conference, San Francisco, June 15-16

10x cofounder Altay Guvench will be presenting on the tech industry’s talent problems at the 2015 Bloomberg Technology Conference in San Francisco, June 15-16. The conference brings together top influencers in the tech sphere for talks, debates and other interactive activities focused on the impact of tech on business. 

10x Cofounders Rishon Blumberg & Michael Solomon (Photo: Roderick Aichinger)

A couple of European print magazines recently covered 10x (Wired Italia & Germany’s Bilanz), continuing the media’s fascination with 10x’s role in pioneering the future of technology work.

Ira Arca, by Shawn Feeney

The freelance tech pros managed by 10x are selected for exceptional creative talent. Many are also accomplished artists and media designer Shawn Feeney is a brilliant example. His latest accolade is his selection for Artist in Residence at San Francisco’s de Young Museum, with his work, Musical Anatomy.

10 Ways to Reignite Your Creative Fire

Even the most productive designers, programmers, and digital strategists encounter creative blocks at times. I asked some of the top independent tech professionals represented by 10x Management to share how they maintain peak productivity in the face of these obstacles.

Award-winning sic-fi writer Nola Hopkinson asks, "Who gets left out of the future?"

Will 3D-printing humans on other planets be how we’ll conquer space travel? Disney recently asked TED to create a promo ad for their new movie, Tomorrowland, by asking TED2015 attendees for their beliefs about the future. Some of the most provocative material wasn’t used in the ad, so TED has released interviews with six influential visionaries in science, technology and society. Check out the videos below.

Like an incubator, Burning Man is a hotbed for ambitious ventures. (photo by John Curley/BRC)

“Burning Man is a laboratory. Not every experiment works, but we’ll never know if we don’t try.” proclaims the Burning Man website. Like many tech entrepreneurs, our new VP of Strategic Growth, Ari Kalfayan, is passionate about the festival as a hotbed for unrestrained creativity and human connection. 

Happiness is a skill anyone can improve.

You’re smarter and more effective when you’re happy and healthy. How happy you feel is a reflection of how you think and act. Positive Psychology is the “branch of psychology that uses scientific understanding and effective intervention to achieve a satisfactory life, rather than treating mental illness.” Below are ways to condition yourself to feel your best so you can do … Continued

Scientists can reconstruct sound by analyzing video of a vibrating bag of chips.

Two mind-blowing TED talks share staggering research by computer vision researchers at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory: they have created algorithms capable of analyzing video to accurately reconstruct sound and other “invisible” information about objects. This allows them to hear unrecorded sounds and see invisible events, such as a person’s pulse and a baby’s gentle breathing.

Greg Gage demonstrates how the nervous system's wiring can be hacked.

Neuroscientists are developing ways for computers to interact with the human nervous system. In this 5-minute TED video, neuroscientist and educator Greg Gage demonstrates how one person can move the arm of another connected to them simply via electrodes and a computer.

Improve your brain's ability to process information.

A new free course by Coursera can teach you what your school didn’t. Intelligence and memory are popularly assumed to be innate qualities: something difficult to improve, but easily diminished by things like fatigue, alcohol, aging, injury and illness. But learning can be learned. There are many tactics (like “chunking”) that anyone can use to improve their ability to learn … Continued

Make the most of your time  by balancing your work output with life input.

The technology professionals represented by 10x are exceptionally productive, but that doesn’t mean they work nonstop. What truly distinguishes a 10x’er is the ability to think and work smarter by optimizing their time, energy and work/life balance. In this sense, being a 10x’er is simply achieving one’s optimal state of efficacy, which is something that can be learned and improved.

10x Cofounder Michael Solomon (left) at the Kristen Carr Fund benefit.

Last Saturday in NYC, Bruce Springsteen delivered a surprise performance (below) at a benefit for a charity that 10x cofounders Michael Solomon and Rishon Blumberg helped to launch. The Kristen Ann Carr Fund raises money and awareness against sarcoma cancer in honor of Solomon’s fiancé (and Springsteen’s manager’s daughter), who died of the disease in 1993.

Sitting will kill you.

Sitting is bad for your health. Continuing our critique of the primitive human practice of confining oneself to a seated position to perform work for long hours in an office building, this 5-minute video explains the negative biological impact caused by the high-risk activity of sitting.

Drones can collect terrain data and plant trees.

We’re always heartened to see technologies applied to solve problems caused by other technologies. A former NASA engineer has launched a company with an ambitious mission to use drones to plant one billion trees per year more efficiently and affordably than by hand. helps scientists publicly share their research.

Research drives progress in science and tech, and scientists are ultimately valued by how often their research gets cited. But public access to research has been limited by traditional publishing. is aiming to “accelerate the world’s research” with its platform for researchers to publicize their work online. Fortune Magazine reports a 5-year study led by 10xer Yuri Niyazov … Continued

Get up. Get out.

There are many reasons why the Freelance Economy is the future of work, not the least of which being that Work Doesn’t Happen at Work. Just as importantly, sitting bent out of shape in a chair in a cubicle in an office box all day is… inhuman. Health experts are consequently issuing stark warnings – along with a simple solution to remedy the … Continued

Erik's Circlesphere website has been nominated for a CSSDA.

Erik Zuuring is one of 10x’s rockstar freelance web developers, helping companies of all sizes develop cutting edge online identities and businesses. The new website he created for his digital agency, Circlesphere, has just been nominated for a CSS Design award.

10x cofounder Altay Guvench's at the 2015 iMedia Summit

10x cofounder Altay Guvench spoke about the tech industry’s growing talent shortage to a warm reception at the iMedia Agency Summit in Los Angeles, yesterday. His talk, Tackling the Talent Conundrum, discussed the challenges of hiring talent as increasingly many workers switch to freelancing to achieve better work-life balance.