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10x minimizes risk & maximizes benefit. We save you the cost of finding and screening potential freelancers—and the risk of not getting the job done right the first time. The technology professionals we represent are chosen from thousands and thoroughly vetted for their creativity, productivity, and professionalism. Contact us to find out how we can make your project a success.

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Feeney and fellow musicians introducing museum visitors to his "Ambient Soundscape".

10x designer, Shawn Feeney (creator of our 3D logo), is a creative wizard of many talents and accomplishments. His latest exploit is a month-long artist’s residency at San Francisco’s deYoung Museum, where he is developing and sharing his multimedia “Musical Anatomy” project: exploring the physical and experiential relationship between musician, instrument and sound. A former designer at George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic, Feeney was … Continued

James Cropcho is a freelance software engineer based in NYC. [photo by Heather McCabe]

Being “10x” means operating in your zone of highest efficacy and knowing which tools can assist your productivity is key. These days, because time is always precious and speed is king, it’s easy to assume that tools which reduce thinking and accelerate output will automatically improve performance. But a vital quality that distinguishes 10xers is knowing that working faster isn’t always smarter – and sometimes ‘old-fashioned’ tools are best. Yesterday, in Take Notes: The … Continued

10x Cofounder Michael Solomon

10x cofounder, Michael Solomon was recently interviewed by Kelli Richards, CEO of The All Access Group and host of All Access Radio, about the history of 10x and his 20 years of talent management experience. Richards is a highly sought-after consultant who connects innovators and influencers from Silicon Valley to Hollywood to Madison Avenue. She is also the author of the … Continued

Hirepalooza, June 1-2 in San Francisco

10x is increasingly recognized as a leader in tech innovation and the future of work – both by the press and industry event organizers. This year, three 10xers have been invited to speak at the upcoming Hirepalooza conference: “the definitive San Francisco hiring festival, recruitment conference, and hiring mixer for tech companies interested in recruiting top talent”.

2015 Bloomberg Technology Conference, San Francisco, June 15-16

10x cofounder Altay Guvench will be presenting on the tech industry’s talent problems at the 2015 Bloomberg Technology Conference in San Francisco, June 15-16. The conference brings together top influencers in the tech sphere for talks, debates and other interactive activities focused on the impact of tech on business. 

Keyboardio's 2-piece design enables optimal placement for hand position and angle

Do you type a lot? Probably – and on a flat, rectangular matrix of lifeless square buttons not positioned for human hands. If you’re at the keyboard all day, and/or you love typing, you might consider upgrading to what looks like the next level of keyboardism, developed by the startup Keyboardio with our friends at Highway1, PCH International’s hardware incubator.

But we are not machines: we need more than money and materials to do our best.

While money may be necessary for most to survive and pursue their interests, it isn’t the only essential motivator: a balance of material and psychological value is vital. Employers who fail to optimize for this reality are simply wasting their talent (and money!). But what exactly are the important variables? From various studies, behavioral economist Dan Ariely has … Continued

Shampei Takahashi

Originality is a highly valued in American culture, but even professional creators – from artists and designers to programmers – get creatively stuck. In fact, creative inadequacy is the biggest obstacle in a creative occupation, and something every professional should be to overcome. When toy designer Shimpei Takahashi was repeatedly told by his boss to come up with new ideas for toys … Continued

Cofounders of Remind, Brett & Dave Kopf

Congratulations to our customers, Brett and David Kopf, for being recognized in Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative People of 2015” for “keeping parents in the know” . Bill and David were recognized for the great success of their app, Remind, which enables teachers to easily communicate with students and parents, and is now used by over 25 million people. Remind is developed in part by one of 10x’s senior freelance … Continued

Writing by hand commits information to memory better than typing.

As information becomes increasingly digital, people are naturally replacing taking notes by hand with typing on computers. Laptops far outnumber notebooks in today’s classrooms, but a Princeton study contends that while typing may be faster for recording information, it can also interfere with memory. 

Award-winning sic-fi writer Nola Hopkinson asks, "Who gets left out of the future?"

Will 3D-printing humans on other planets be how we’ll conquer space travel? Disney recently asked TED to create a promo ad for their new movie, Tomorrowland, by asking TED2015 attendees for their beliefs about the future. Some of the most provocative material wasn’t used in the ad, so TED has released interviews with six influential visionaries in science, technology and society. Check out the videos below.

Like an incubator, Burning Man is a hotbed for ambitious ventures. (photo by John Curley/BRC)

“Burning Man is a laboratory. Not every experiment works, but we’ll never know if we don’t try.” proclaims the Burning Man website. Like many tech entrepreneurs, our new VP of Strategic Growth, Ari Kalfayan, is passionate about the festival as a hotbed for unrestrained creativity and human connection. 

Happiness is a skill anyone can improve.

You’re smarter and more effective when you’re happy and healthy. How happy you feel is a reflection of how you think and act. Positive Psychology is the “branch of psychology that uses scientific understanding and effective intervention to achieve a satisfactory life, rather than treating mental illness.” Below are ways to condition yourself to feel your best so you can do … Continued

Scientists can reconstruct sound by analyzing video of a vibrating bag of chips.

Two mind-blowing TED talks share staggering research by computer vision researchers at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory: they have created algorithms capable of analyzing video to accurately reconstruct sound and other “invisible” information about objects. This allows them to hear unrecorded sounds and see invisible events, such as a person’s pulse and a baby’s gentle breathing.

Greg Gage demonstrates how the nervous system's wiring can be hacked.

Neuroscientists are developing ways for computers to interact with the human nervous system. In this 5-minute TED video, neuroscientist and educator Greg Gage demonstrates how one person can move the arm of another connected to them simply via electrodes and a computer.

Improve your brain's ability to process information.

A new free course by Coursera can teach you what your school didn’t. Intelligence and memory are popularly assumed to be innate qualities: something difficult to improve, but easily diminished by things like fatigue, alcohol, aging, injury and illness. But learning can be learned. There are many tactics (like “chunking”) that anyone can use to improve their ability to learn … Continued

Make the most of your time  by balancing your work output with life input.

The technology professionals represented by 10x are exceptionally productive, but that doesn’t mean they work nonstop. What truly distinguishes a 10x’er is the ability to think and work smarter by optimizing their time, energy and work/life balance. In this sense, being a 10x’er is simply achieving one’s optimal state of efficacy, which is something that can be learned and improved.

10x Cofounder Michael Solomon (left) at the Kristen Carr Fund benefit.

Last Saturday in NYC, Bruce Springsteen delivered a surprise performance (below) at a benefit for a charity that 10x cofounders Michael Solomon and Rishon Blumberg helped to launch. The Kristen Ann Carr Fund raises money and awareness against sarcoma cancer in honor of Solomon’s fiancé (and Springsteen’s manager’s daughter), who died of the disease in 1993.