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Need visionary talent for your tech project? 10x is the first talent agency to represent the world’s most sought-after technology professionals. We can help you easily engage the best experts for any project. Our top specialists envision, design, build, and optimize next-level products, industry-leading companies, and competition-killing brands.

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We minimize risk & maximize benefit. We save you the costly process of finding, interviewing, verifying, and optimizing freelancers — and the risk of not getting the job done right the first time. Chosen from thousands and thoroughly vetted for exceptional productivity and professionalism, 10x’ers deliver robust results, on time.

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While the traditional belief is that Success leads to Happiness, science is proving the opposite: happier workers are more insightful, motivated, productive and successful than when stressed. In the fast-paced competition of the tech industry, it’s vital for company founders to take happiness seriously and structure their culture and operations to maximize employees’ positivity. In Here’s Why Founders Should Care about Happiness, venture […]

The “10x-level” professionals we serve consistently state that being free to live and work as they choose is the most important factor determining their exceptional productivity. We were gratified to hear this belief echoed in an interview with Bill Murray, whose Zen-like disposition and carefree curiosity has made him an endlessly inspiring pop icon. In 7 Steps to Living a Bill […]

Back from his recent talk at SXSW Interactive, 10x cofounder Altay Guvench will participate in a panel on “Channeling Failure and Shame to Thrive as an Entrepreneur and Leader” at this Friday’s lively Startup & Tech Mixer, at the W Hotel in San Francisco, where over 5,000 guests will be in attendance. The next Startup Tech Mixer happens this Friday at San […]

Recently featured in the BBC News and The New Yorker Magazine, 10x Management is recognized as a pioneer in solving the rising need for highly skilled technology professionals. Last week, 10x cofounder Altay Guvench presented his insights on “The Tech Talent Shortage” at the SXSW conference. Listen to the recording of his presentation, below. 10x cofounder, Altay Guvench, was invited to present his […]

James Cropcho is a highly sought-after “10x-level” programmer who was highlighted in the BBC News’ recent feature on 10x Management. In 2007, Cropcho was a member of the two-person team which uncovered the first wide-scale e-voting breach in American history, and was featured on National Public Radio.  Based in NYC, Cropcho started programming in the third grade, and […]

A report televised by the BBC News, last week, investigates 10x Management’s pioneering role in addressing the shortage of highly-skilled professionals in the technology industry. It gives excellent context for 10x cofounder Altay Guvench’s upcoming talk at SXSW Interactive, The Tech Talent Shortage: Problems and Solutions. Video linked below. In Why Computer Programmers Need Agents, the BBC’s Michael Maher explores 10x Management as the first talent agency created to […]

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