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Need visionary talent for your tech project? 10x is the first talent agency to represent the world’s most sought-after technology professionals. We can help you easily engage the best experts for any project. Our top specialists envision, design, build, and optimize next-level products, industry-leading companies, and competition-killing brands.

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We minimize risk & maximize benefit. We save you the costly process of finding, interviewing, verifying, and optimizing freelancers — and the risk of not getting the job done right the first time. Chosen from thousands and thoroughly vetted for exceptional productivity and professionalism, 10x’ers deliver robust results, on time.

Contact us about optimizing your project, or learn more about our Capabilities, Company, and People. Check out our blog, Magnified, to see how we look at the future.

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The 10x blog. A look at the bright side of tomorrow.

10x exists because many of the best tech professionals prefer the freedom of time and mobility afforded by freelancing. Mashable’s Todd Wassermen reports that “A global surge in broadband ubiquity and a buyer’s market for programming talent have colluded to make digital nomadism a viable option for adventurous self-starters. While no one tracks their number, some 2.6% of U.S. […]

Continuing a week of great press for 10x, founders Rishon Blumberg and Michael Solomon discuss discuss “their representation of tech talent and which services they provide their clients” with Tyler Mathisen on CNBC’s Power Lunch feature, Agents: Representing Tech Talent. About Power Lunch CNBC’s Sue Herera and Tyler Mathisen take you through the heart of the business day with intelligent and lively […]

Read all about us! We’re very honored to have been covered in such depth and detail in editor Lizzie Widdicombe’s latest article for The New Yorker Magazine, The Programmer’s Price.

At the pace technology is disrupting the social status quo, the responsibility of technologists is becoming a major issue. “We rule the world.” begins the founder of agile programming, Robert C. Martin (aka Uncle Bob) in The Obligation of the Programmer. Recognizing that “in our society, virtually nothing happens without the involvement of some kind of computer program.”, […]

In The Myth of AI, computer scientist and author of Who Owns the Future?, Jason Lanier, warns against the danger of respected figures like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk inciting paranoia through dogmatically simplistic, near-religious claims about its future impact upon society.Lanier proposes “that the biggest threat of AI is probably the one that’s due to AI not actually existing, […]

Jim Edwards reports for Business Insider that the average base salary for software engineers in the US has risen slightly in the past year to be just shy of $100k/year before bonuses. Salaries in Europe have also risen but remain much lower at about $55k/year.

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