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1st Financial Bank USA — Complete Website Redesign

March 27th, 2018


Andrew H.


Website Redesign

“Our project with 10x focused on designers, and we trusted the 10x vetting process and felt great about the talent they offered right off the bat.” – Andrew H., Senior Vice President


1st Financial Bank USA is committed to providing quality community banking services, and credit card and other financial services to college students and college graduates, from coast to coast, throughout the USA.

We interviewed Andrew H., Senior Vice President at 1st Financial Bank USA for his take on what it was like to work with 10x and how 10x added value to 1st Financial Bank.

10x: Why did 1st Financial Bank originally reach out to 10x?

Andrew: We needed web designers to completely redesign one of our websites. We read a Bloomberg article about 10x and it seemed like a reputable and great company. The Bloomberg article opened our eyes to the ease of hiring high-quality, curated, temporary talent.

10x: What were 1st Financial Bank’s initial requirements?

Andrew: Initially, to do a complete website redesign. We were so pleased with the results that we retained 10x for further web design projects. We’ve also used 10x for web development when our design specs called for changes to our platform.

10x: What was hard about finding the right people before?

Andrew: Good designers can be found directly, but they’re generally unresponsive to inquiries. Even when they are responsive, independent designers do a poor job selling themselves and do not instill confidence in their integrity as contractors. Our project with 10x focused on designers, and we trusted the 10x vetting process and felt great about the talent they offered right off the bat. It wasn’t a difficult decision.

10x: What was it like working with 10x?

Andrew: Working with 10x was unbelievably efficient. Instead of spending time interviewing and vetting designers on our own, 10x simplified the process and saved us countless productive hours. 10x presented us with a firm that met our specs immediately. We hired the first team that was presented to us! 10x also gave us two commitment/spend options which provided us some flexibility in structuring the engagement. It’s great to find a company that works so seamlessly with its customers.

10x: Would you refer 10x to other companies?

Andrew: Absolutely, we have before and we’d do it again.

10x: How has working with 10x changed 1st Financial Bank?

Andrew: In addition to opening our eyes to the benefits of hiring talented freelancers, our websites also certainly look and function better thanks to the process of working with 10x.